NA-3900 NEW & IMPROVED Audio Power Conditioner

The performance of every audio and video device you own is impaired by day-to-day AC power fluctuations and noise from appliances, phones, remote controls and the power grid supplying your home or workplace, The Napa Acoustic NA-3900 Power Conditioner and Noise Filter protects against power surges, voltage fluctuations and filters out the unwanted electronic noise. Now, while no filtering device will magically transform the sound or video quality of your gear, the NA-3900 will allow you to obtain the maximum performance from all of your equipment is capable of. Quieter backgrounds behind your music, an improved “ease’ of the presentation and glitch-free video are some of the benefits of using the NA-3900.

For little more than the price of a decent multiple outlet, and for far less than the high cost of other conditioners, the NA-3900 will prove to be a very smart investment in maximizing the protection and performance of your valuable system.