NA-208H Headphone Amplifier

The NA-208H is another member of the 208 family of Napa Acoustic Audio Components. A physical and cosmetic match to the 208 amplifier and CD player, the NA-208H is designed to provide unique options for listening, control and system building. As a headphone amplifier it delivers audio that is balanced, smooth, dynamic and open. Its super-low-noise tube amplification circuitry ensures that even the costliest ‘phones will perform at their best.

The NA-208H is also a unique stereo pre-amplifier capable of controlling 2 power amplifiers in a 3-piece “separates” audio system. With the NA-208H building a true high-performance stereo system with amplifiers for each channel is within reach of any music lover.

If you’re a fan of all things digital the NA-208H will bring your digital music collection to a whole new level. With a built in USB/Sound card capability using a High End Burr-Brown PCM2702 DAC, music through the NA-208H with headphones or through a component audio system will be lush, lively and powerfully detailed. You’ll wonder where all this music was before...

The NA-208H is really three audio components in one sleek, chrome and stainless steel chassis... a design that sets a new standard for audio performance, versatility and value.



Vaccum Tube: 6N2
DAC: Burr Brown PCM2702
Output Power : 500mW x 2 @ 100 ohm
Freq. Response: 20Hz to 40KHz
Input Selector: AUX, USB
THD: Less than 0.1%
S/N: Greater than 88 db
Dimensions: 6.6”(W) x 9.4”(D) x 4.7”(H)
Certifications: CE, FCC