MT-34 Integrated Amplifier

When Napa Acoustic envisioned the MT-34, the designers called for an all tube integrated amplifier that could hold its own in looks, build quality and musicality with units several times its price. Last year they realized their vision and then some. Mr. Alfred Roy Fredel of Enjoy The Music summed-up the MT-34 by saying: “The MT-34 is a solid choice in which to enter the world of tube amplification...Considering its sturdy build, use of quality components and sonic performance, there is very little to say other than it is just a wonderful unit”. By focusing on key design elements that really matter, our engineers build products that garner praise usually associated with far more expensive products. We love that...and your
music will too.

A solid aluminum chassis and two heavy-duty toroidal transformers lead the list of high-grade components in the MT-34. Dual 6n1 tubes (2 for each channel) comprise the very quiet preamp section and 2 EL 34 tubes in a fixed bias circuit drive each output channel. Oversized Raytheon capacitors, solid state rectifiers and high quality binding posts and RCA jacks were chosen. Every detail, from the multi-layer gloss finish to the elegant and linear volume control, was considered
for their aesthetic and sonic contributions...but always with an eye on
exceptional value.

The MT-34 is one more way that we express our passion to return to the fun and enjoyment of listening to music. Audition this exceptional amplifier and open the door to the warmth, detail and realism of your most cherished recordings. Napa Acoustic has the key.



Vaccum Tube: 6N1 x 4, EL34 x 4
Output Power : 35W x 2 @ 4 Ohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 25KHz
Input Selector: AUX, CD
THD: Less than 0.1%
S/N: Greater than 90 db
Dimensions: 12.9”(W) x 20.0”(D) x 7.8”(H)
Certifications: CE, FCC